The Bullshitter Friend

​This MF is always lying about plans. You’ll makes plans the day before and
they’ll agree toeverything until it’s time to leave out. At this point they stop answering
phone calls and texts,all because they lied.  You’re ready to go out and they just lied to you. That’s salty
and sad. Get rid of thisperson. Or you could just stop inviting them out because that’s probably less
dramatic. You don’t need friendsthat make you salty, and upset and have you outside of their crib like:

The selfish friend


Why is this friend ALWAYS talking about themselves? You wanted to talk about how you may need to go to hospital, and suddenly, you’re having a conversation about them and how sad they’re about something stupid. HOW DID WE GET HERE?! You have problems too, and no one wants to be around someone who makes EVERYTHING about them. It’s exhausting.

​The Fuck Buddy: who you have feelings for

So, cool, you guys are friends and you have fun together. The only thing that
makes thisawkward is if one person feels a little different than the other. If your just
friends that have sexmaybe you shouldn’t be planning a future together, that’s just in my
opinion tho. But if the feelings arenot mutual, you may not necessarily
have to cut them off, but no more sex.

​The Moocher Friend

​This friend never has any money. LIKE NEVER. If you’re out with this
friend andy ou always pull out that wallet for both of yall, that is not your friend . . .
that is your child.And why would they come out with 0 dollars? Now, if you have no intentions
of having a child right now you should definitely let this friend go.

The friend who only is there for you when she’s single

Do guys go through this? Guys love their bros, so we’re not sure. But GIRLS WILL DISAPPEAR
FOR 2 YEARS BECAUSE SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND, and when they break up they want to be
your friend again. GIRL, NO. Why do they do that? You may have to just slam the door in this
friend’s face. Refer to the gif below for that one.

In a Fight with their Friend,

So They’re Your Friend Now – Friend

​OOOOOOH, you don’t have any friends right now, so you wanna hang out?
NOOOO. They’re mad at their friend, talking mad trash about them, and when
they makeup you no longer exist. You deserve better. Don’t do it.