Chewing Gum, a British television comedy series, is based in London and focuses on a 24-year-old named Tracey (played by Michaela Coel) who is trying to find herself. Now, I am not sure how other 24-year old’s go out and find themselves, but Tracey does this by trying to lose her virginity. This show is the funniest and most awkward thing I’ve seen since Step Brothers. Chewing Gum pokes fun at race, relationships, and how difficult it is being girl. Though the main character is a female, the male audience could benefit from watching this show. If any guy wants to know how hard it is being a girl and what we go through, watch this show.


For women, well . . . we go through A LOT. From periods to boyfriends, Michaela Coel has us covered. She writes for the awkward girl who breaks out into dance like she has turrets, or the teenager who hasn’t had “the talk” with her parents yet.  If you are a girl, you have gone through these things or will.

Trying to Lock Bae Down

First of all, we have ALL had that one guy that we tried so hard to impress. Now, we can literally post that baddest selfie on Instagram and BOOM, he’ll like it and you’re in. Before the gram, we were forced to show up and show out in front of future bae. Some of us did the most, and like Tracey, we did the most like doing a makeover and we came out looking crazy.

Virginal Pregnancy Scare

For those who are sexually active, you probably look back at your younger self and laugh. Some of us did not have the sex talk, like Tracey’s mother, some of our parents believed that everything was the devil. Tracey hooked up with someone and all they did was dry hump, and she thought she was pregnant. I am not sure why, but this is a real thing and Tracey, like all of us, prayed that she was not pregnant. To Jesus and Beyoncé. Oh and she got a Plan B pill. LMAO

​Virginal Needs

​Was it just me, or before I lost my virginity, it was like EVERYONE around me started freakin’ besides me? I felt like everyone around me had got busy but me and I felt bad about it. Tracey is 24 years old, so I am certain she feels left out. I used to get a weird fuzzy feeling when I liked someone, but Tracey got nose bleeds and wet dreams. That may be normal, idk.


I HATE TAMPONS. And Chewing Gum really focuses on menstruation in the show. No one has ever taught Tracey how to properly insert a tampon because her mother told her not until she’s married. and I can relate . . to the first part. That’s probably why I hate them. Tracey is trying to put a tampon in, and her friend’s mother says, “just spit on it and shove it in like a dick.” FAM! First of all, She’s a virgin. Second of all, LMAAAOOOO.

Trash Sex

Chewing Gum has a lot of stuff about sex on the show, which is relatable because sex is a part of life. There is a scene where Candice, Tracey’s best friend, is complaining about her boyfriend’s sex game. Apparently, he is trash. We’ve all had a trash sex partner. All Candice wants is for him to be more aggressive in bed.


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