I offer a selection of writing, marketing, branding, and social media services.


A profile or write up for  anyone pursuing a professional career in entertainment or entrepreneurship is important.

Bio Writing/Resumes:

Highlight your strengths with a customized bio and resume that is readable, conversational, and impressive.


Capture your readers with depth on your website or craft a blog post to capture your audience’s attention. 

Press Releases:

Grab the attention of your supporters and future supporters with an update on your music, services, or products.

Content Creator:

Efficient content for your website, blog, or social media. Content that connects you to your target audience and helps you grow. This includes calendaring and planning.

Digital Communicatiom:

Aesthetic, Strategy, Engagement, and Growth are important. This falls under the umbrella of social media, e-mail marketing, [newsletters], and campaigns.

Pop Culture Articles
Uplifting Newspaper Articles
Hip Hip Articles.