Sheesh, February is here so fast. It seems like we were just saying Happy New Year, and BAM . . . LOVE. Now, I walk into Rite Aid to get some feminine products and all I see is pink decorations, red roses, flying fat babies, and chocolate. The chocolate, I am sure, no one minds, but everything else is blah. If you’re single, Valentine’s Day could annoy you because you’re a little salty, and that’s cool. If you’re not single, you’re probably anxious for Valentine’s Day plans. Whether you are single or taken, in love with your bae or in love with yourself, there are different forms of love through Orange Is The New Black.

love is feeling at home

home is where the heart is.

love is smiling hard

love is cheesing hard at bae.


love is bonding


love is being comfortable with bae.

love is acceptance


love is pain

less positive, but yea.