about BUTTA BLOG + Not a bad life;

Not A Bad Life  is a wellness brand stemming from Butta Blog based in Philadelphia that focuses on mental health. Not A Bad Life provides positive messages for those who struggle with their mental health. We are an online platform that pushes people to keep working through their mental illness. We all face some type of demon from PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, or just having a horrible day, know that you are not alone in your journey to finding peace.

Life hits us hard sometimes, and the number one thing we want everyone to do is to keep going. You don’t have to jot it down because we have you covered. Think positive and carry the energy with you with our products. Celebrate a positive mood with Not A Bad Life. Inspired by music festivals, friendships, positive vibes, and fun stuff. Move with intention and be kind. You never know what everyone is going through. And remember, It’s a bad day; Not A Bad Life.

about ME

When life hands you sour nasty lemons, you make lemonade. Well, I, Nashai Catlett add a little more zest along with that lemonade. My passion is to help people the best way I can. Using my skills and expertise, I help my clients look stunning online, find their target audience, and connect with their target audience through social media, digital campaigns, newsletters, and more!

No matter who you are, how talented you are, or how much clout you may acquire, you need help. From training with nonprofit organizations like Mercy Neighborhood Ministries of Philadelphia for grant writing and working with I-G Creative with conducting and executing strategic marketing campaigns for clients, I come bearing gifts for those who need me.

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