5 Ways To Feel Optimistic When You’re Dumb Stressed

We cannot stop stress, but we can give some suggestion's on how to move through it.

Every other day there is something that could potentially stress you out. You come outside to go to work, and you have a flat tire, maybe you got fired from your job (fuck them), your relationship is falling apart, or you’re just not feeling your best. No matter what issue you are battling we are here to act as your deep breath. Matter of fact, after this sentence, breathe in for 5 seconds (do that now) and then release slowly (do that now too). Stress is inevitable. Stress.org shares a 2017 study that the top 5 reasons why we are stressed are because of Trump (Well, the future of our nation but same shit), money, work, political climate (Trump again), and violence and crime.

Things That Happen When You’re Stressed

Stress not only sucks, but it’s terrible for you. Besides breaking out and being sleep deprived, it’s unhealthy. You can cause or deepen your depression; you get horrible headaches, it can cause infertility and more. Unfortunately, we struggle with at least one of these things frequently. Every day cannot be amazing, but even during those stressful months, weeks, days, or hours, the key is to be optimistic. Optimism switches your mood, and it allows you to feel better.

5 Ways To Be Optimistic

Listen to Your Fav. Music

Science has already taught us that music can change your mood. From my personal experience, music does take my mind off whatever issue I’m obsessing over. Blast your favorite jam and forget about it for 2-3 minutes. Below is my workout playlist, but I put this on when I need a pick me up. (Pick Me Up Songs)

Contact your Friends

I am personally still working on contacting my friends when I feel stressed but talking to someone works. It will not make your problems go away, but it will make you feel better. You also do not have to talk about what’s going on. Use a conversation as a distraction and make sure you do not isolate yourself.

Practice Positive Visualization

Positive Visualization is when you picture the scenario going well. I use it while I meditate. Just sit back and think about the situation and how the more favorable outcome would happen. According to Llewellyn, positive visualization increases confidence and NCBI shares that “it drives your muscles to a higher activation level.”

Try to Look on the Bright Side

Let’s try to be more like Spongebob and not Squidward. There is always a bright side. Think more positively because thinking negatively will stress you out more.

Cuddle with Your Pet

Technically dogs decrease stress, but cuddling with your kitty will probably still make you feel better.

We know that being stressed is not fun and sometimes it’s hard to get out of that state of mind. It’s not easy at all, but that is why we create content to make you feel better. Take a deep breath and take it one step at a time.

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