A Comic By Jordan Plain : The Art Show

The last time we talked to Jordan Plain, he made it clear that he did not want to be boxed in with one title. Known for a divergent eye, Jordan’s pictures of buildings and people bring out the beauty in plain sight. His creative eye has since then, only advanced through the years. Here we are again with the creative, but this time covering his art show.


A Comic By Jordan Plain The Art Show

Just like the way he sees things, this art show was different. The event was based off his comic book, and displayed all the beautiful digital art that he has been showcasing on his twitter to build suspense. With a plethora of shapes, colors, and words flowing through his feed, Jordan left his art open to the internet and added some color to our hearts, and invited us into his eye.

Walking into the Creative Vine in West Philly, the art show was not like any other showing. The atmosphere felt like a speakeasy, with the feeling of suspense and anticipation. Walking upstairs, there were two rooms dedicated to the Jordan’s pieces. In each room, his words of inspiration about his pieces danced around his art and into the ears of a packed show.

“A lot of these are first lines of poetry,” Jordan Plain told his supporters explaining the subject of his art. He joked and said he never finishes anything, so the unfinished result is on his art. I beg to differ. The end result of his poetry turned into a finished comic book, finished posters, and a finished art show!

As Jordan has a pattern of keeping his supporters on his toes, we have a hunch that this will not be the last of Jordan Plain. For more information on the creative and now author, here is his Instagram.

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