A’Justice Taps Into Our Past Bops and Creates Sexy and Slow Nostalgia

It’s amazing how you can hear an old song and go back to that specific time in your life. Music allows you to revisit memories creating nostalgia and bond over dance moves and lyrics. That’s why we love samples, they allow us to celebrate the past vibes while enjoying the new music. Songs like Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled, Otis by Jay Z and Kanye West, and Nice for What by Drake get us excited. It’s like a piece of music history in a current song.

A’Justice is next on our list of creating great sampled bops. A’Justice has an EP entitled Nostalgia and that is exactly what you get when you press play on her project. During this EP, she takes our favorite songs and manages to make them sexy and soulful. Beginning with Juvenile’s Slow Motion she hints at taking it nice and slow for a lover and ends with Usher’s Nice and Slow mixing it all with a trap sound. That was the first song she chose to do because of the feelings the song still gives her from when she first heard it. She said, “I chose “slow motion” because after all these years it still gives me the same feeling it gave me back in my childhood days.”  A’Justice pays homage to Missy Elliot by slowing down her hit song One Minute Man.

Throughout the EP, she pays homage to Britney Spears, YoungBloodZ, and Trillville. Her last song entitled Nostalgia puts us on a time machine for almost four minutes, with pieces from KP and Envyi’s Swing My Way, Jill Scott’s A Long Walk, Aaliyah’s One In A Million, Nelly & Kelly’s Dilemma, Mariah Carey’s Always Be My Baby, Sean Paul’s Temperature, Ludacris’ What’s Ya Fantasy and more.

The Atlanta living musical madam explained that coming from a musical background, it was easy for her to fall love in with music. While growing up, A’Justice was only allowed to listen to gospel, as she grew so did her musical ear. “I’ve been into Music the moment I heard it. But I started with poetry and classical piano lessons and then discovered my love for trap sounds.”

A tweet surfaced of A’Justice rapping to Cardi B’s Be Careful and it was hard to ignore. With a soulful Jill Scott vibe, mixed with sassy there is truth to why she describes her music as “saucy, sensual, and soul.

Listen to Nostalgia here.

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