A Sight For Sore Eyes: Jordan Plain

There is so much talent in Philly. Writers, rappers, painters, and vocalists, so I was more than happy to meet one : a photographer, but not just ANY photographer, Jordan Plain. I had the pleasure of talking to Jordan, and based off of conversation, you can tell he loves this shit. A creator is what he calls himself. “I don’t want to box myself in,” he explained while naming his many talents. Artist, photographer, and entrepreneur.

It’s always interesting getting to know the story behind the artist. With Jordan, that flash is crazy spontaneous, but he calls his style “Philadelphia Encyclopedia.” Being inspired by Philly, his art can range from people, to a building, to downtown Philly. Jordan shared something that was interesting in correlation to how he shoots.  “We are all buildings,” was what he told me. What he means is that we are all different and we are all in the process of progressing (like being built). He then shared that his favorite thing to shoot is buildings and shared these with me :

Jordan is talented, and he stands out because of his love and passion for his art. His art alone makes him different. I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS JORDAN. To get a sight for sore eyes follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

#art #philly #photography #creatives #jordanplain

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