All About Adaptogens

Natural Supplements for Plant-based Anxiety Relief

Happy Monday Folks! I hope this piece of information finds you well. How are you all taking to the tips I gave in the last post? Please leave comments below. For those who have been feeling more anxious than usual, don’t fret—I have another list to help you. Sorry, my Virgo rising is showing. *Winks at all of my astrology lovers.* Anywho, this is a wellness blog so today I am going to teach you a few things about adaptogens.

Natural Supplements plant-based Anxiety Reliefptogen?” Simply put, adaptogens are plants that help the body “adapt” to physical, chemical, and biological stressors. According to the results of the medical research conducted by Pharmaceuticals (Basel) and Chin Med, adaptogens such as ginseng and Rhodiola can help with stress, arthritis, sleep, and cognitive function. Below is a list of supplements for your consideration—of course, only consume after receiving approval from a medical professional. However, because these powders and tonics are non-toxic and non-hallucinogenic they don’t “hit” like recreational drugs or alcohol. To experience the best results you must weave taking them into the basket of your everyday life—and I proceed…

  1. Moon Juice SuperYou

Moon Juice’s dust and potions have garnered them a cult following in the past decade. If you’re new to the adaptogens game and looking to get your feet wet, Moon Juice SuperYou combines adaptogens such as Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Shatavari and Amla extract to bring you clinical strength stress management. Taking two capsules in the morning can help regulate cortisol levels and jump-start energy for the day.

2. Kin Euphorics

Working under the motto, Euphorics for humankind, Kin Euphorics has crafted a lineup of non-alcoholic wellness beverages that make life just a bit jazzier. Their first product High Rhode is a social tonic that is, “all bliss, no booze.” An elixir of nootropics, Botanics, and adaptogens come together to give you the best social interactions without hangovers and getting sloppy drunk. Think of it as a responsible “turn up” drink. However, if you’re looking to wind down, I recommend the Nightcap Dream Light. Kin asks you to, “make sleep a celebration” by adding a bit of warm oat milk to their richly spiced earthy concoction. Nightcap Dream Light lets you sleep like a baby so you can rise like a warrior.

3.HUM Nutrition Über Energy

Infuse yourself with consistent energy and productivity by taking two HUM Nutrition Über Energy capsules each day, anytime, with food. Über Energy supports you by combing a mixture of adaptogens such as ginger, licorice root, L-Tyrosine, and Ashwagandha to balance your hormones and reduce tension. Given that they ring in at a lower price point than the Moon Juice capsules, they’re an even better starter option if you’re ok with pills.

4. Sun Potion

Fight brain fog with Sun Potion's Mucuna Pruriens Tincture. The 50ML bottle contains what the Transformational Foods brand describes as, “a Vedic Alchemical Liquid Extract from the Velvet Bean of Dopamine.” Their website lists elevated mood, creativity, increased subliminal knowledge, and stress relief as benefits of taking 1 dropper full of this tincture up to three times a day. Feel free to add it to cocktails, water, warm tea, or to other tonics and elixirs.

5. Anima Mundi

If you’re an OG in the adaptogens game and looking to turn it up a notch, consider Anima Mundi’s Master Elixir Set. Complete with five 16oz bottles that feature Curam, Soma, Viridem, Euphoria, And Dream Elixirs formulas, this barista edition set has got you covered Curam aides with anti-aging, Soma provides adaptogenic whole body defense, Viridem is a master detoxifier, Euphoria is an aphrodisiac, and Dream supports speed and lucid dreaming. Raise your vibrations by taking one teaspoon per day, straight or pour as you please to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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