Are Dave Chappelles’s Stand Ups Cruel and Full of Bigotry?

After leaving the Dave Chappelle show and watching Key and Peele fill his slot, The Goat dipped right back in after 10 years and signed a 60 million dollar contract with Netflix. Dave Chappelle has already dropped 2 out of 3 of his stand ups: The Age of the Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas. But people are offended by his transgender and gay jokes. Since Dave’s stand up dropped, I have seen a lot of opinions on the stand up. I have seen more good than bad, but I recently read this article on Vice with the title that reads: Dave Chappelle’s New Stand Up is Offensive I All the Wrong Ways.

The Dave Chappelle fan explained that the stand ups were full of bigotry and meritocracy.


  Vice’s thesis is basically Dave Chappelle was gone so long that he is not caught up with the times. “Chappelle is back from his travels, a world-wary road warrior from another age.” He’s struggling to keep up with modern culture, and what is controversial and what is just cruel.” Reading that sentence makes it seem like that Dave Chappelle has been literally living under a rock for so long. Throughout his two stand ups, he has showed how up to date with the culture he is. Not only that, if you’ve been a Dave Chappelle fan or even watched his show a few times, you’ll know that he takes reality and spins it with a form of satire. For example, his joke towards Bill Cosby and Donald Trump. “He rapes but he saves. And he saves more than he rapes.” He jokes about O.J. Simpson, racial issues (If Martin Luther King had a sneaker deal we’d still be on the back of the bus), and homosexuals, referring to his wife’s friend Stuart and expressing how he learned about LGBQT.

Homophobia and black masculinity along with big names like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Richard Pryor is brought up in comparison to Chappelle’s stand up. “Chappelle dropping “tranny” in 2017 is as awkwardly dated as Murphy screeching “faggot” in 1987.” The F word is offensive and I recently discovered that tranny is a derogative term.  But is the anger at reach? Dave Chappelle uses transgender throughout his joke and shares that he has worked with transgender. During the second stand up Dave says he struggled with whether the right word is “tranny” or drag queen.” How is trying to figure out something being homophobic? There were jokes behind it, but homophobic is not the correct word. While I am not sure if Dave knew that, we are also looking at a Dave Chappelle stand up.

Just like other comedians, they say crazy shit. This is me not saying that it is okay,

but what else would you expect from Dave Chappelle?


Bigotry is used to describe his stand up and bigotry is narrowness towards people who hold different opinions. Dave Chappelle literally says “I support your movement,” and tells them to pace themselves with being accepted. There is no form of “complex black masculinity” during his show. He talks about his wife’s gay friend Stuart and explains that he dislikes him, but he dislikes him because they’re rude. Dave Chappelle speaks and jokes on plenty of touchy subjects from the Bill Cosby allegations to O.J. Simpson stories. His jokes are wild and he knows it. He literally says “Man the fuck up or you’re not going to make it by the end of this show.” A comedian’s job is to make us laugh and help us escape from reality. They make us laugh about things that would usually make us upset. They make fun of themselves and other people. This is not me saying other’s feelings do not matter, but simply someone expressing how he feels in a comedic fashion. Bigotry and cruel are not the words to describe the stand ups.

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