Batman & Robins’ of music

Salt N Pepa and Spinarella, Run DMC, and Fabolous and DJ Clue. It was like the DJs made these artists better. It was more than just artist and DJ, it was a family. It wasn’t right if they weren’t all together. Today artists have their producers by their side. Talent is inevitable, but the producers take shit from 0to 100 real quick. These are our favorite Batman and Robins’ of music.


​Timbaland & Missy Elliott.

“It’s just me me me and Timothy.” Their collab is unmatched. Missy with her wild and colorful imagination and Timbaland with his ears. Timbaland most like made the beats for our favorite songs from back in the day. One of their greatest collabs was Get Ur Freak On.

​Jeezy and Shawty Redd.

“Shawty Reeeeddd on the track!” ​Jeezy never had crazy ass beats, but those beats matched his sound and style. Shawty Redd was responsible for a huge percentage of TM101 and Recession. Their beef separated their sound, but we were overjoyed when he popped up on Trap or Die 3 on G-Wagon. Who Dat are the two’s best collab tho.

​Gucci Mane and Zaytoven.

“I’d rather rap a Zay track than a Dre track.” Ever since Icy dropped in 2005, Gucci Mane and Zaytoven have been getting it! For over 10 years the two have be smashing shit in the name of underground.  Icy is my shit and started it all, so that’s what we’re going with as the video.

​Drake and 40 Oliver.

“Yea 40, I see you.” DRAKE IS ALWAYS SHOUTING 40 OUT. Every sense So Far Gone, I have never not heard Drake talk about 40. I recently found out that he works with other artists, and would have never known with as much he worked with Drake. They have a million songs together, but here’s Headlines.

​​Future and Metro Boomin’.

“If young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gone shootchoo.” Formally known as “Metro Boomin’ want some more, nigga,” Metro has become a very popular and trusted producer. Once you hear that tag . . . BOOOOY! Metro produced Bad and Boujee and that makes a lot sense. Mask Off, as of right now, is one of their best songs. Percocets. Molly, Percocets. But there’s no video to that, and Wicked is also my shit.

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