​Begin your week with positive activities

Of course, everyone wants to live a positive life, ​with positive vibes. So start with having a positive day. Having positive thoughts is just part of what we all should be doing to remove any bad feeling or energy from around us. After thinking you should be doing. Taking action and doing things to prepare for a “happier” day or further is what creates a litty ass, smiley, and happy aura. These things below allow you to shake off a bad day, week, or whatever. You go ahead and put everything in rice and start over. I put myself in rice and started to do these things to help me become stress free and less negative. Maybe you want to start off your week doing these things and make it a ritual for yourself.



Mantras, affirmations, your favorite quotes or whatever phrases that make you feel confident. Speaking things into existence is powerful. You have to say and believe what you’re saying. It could be something as small as “I am going to have a good day.” Or something as personal as “I am worth it.” No, they do not work right then and there, but the positive thoughts will help you. Take the time out to sit and chant these words in your head or out loud. Doing them after waking up and before bed is something I do for preparation. Sometimes I stop in the middle of the day and have to take a deep breath and recite them again. Writing them down works and I type them up and set it as my screensaver.


 To clear out negative thoughts, I blast my favorite music.

Music has this thing where it can take over and make you forget

for those 2-3 minutes that you were even upset.

I drown myself in music and zone out to begin a positive day/week.


You can go to the gym or literally just dance for 30 minutes to an hour. ​Exercising act as a natural painkiller and reduce stress.

You to sleep better and become more, well like this picture:


WRITE EVERYTHING YOU FEEL DOWN. EVERYTHING. ​This creates a moment of peace. It’s kind of like you said everything you need to say.

Talking about it works well, but if that is not an option, a pen and paper works wonders too.


I thought meditating was BS and I was wrong af. Meditating helped me to stop and relax. I set an alarm for 5-10 minutes and sit in silence. There are mediation sounds on Youtube if you do not like silence tho. During this time, I try to clear my brain of anything I am worrying about. Sometimes I can’t, and I acknowledge those thoughts my journaling them.


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