Chewing Gum: Season 2 | What happens after a break up.

Michaela Coel has returned with the second season of

Chewing Gum and it cannot get any funnier. Tracey is pushing through just all of us. At this point, she’s back, boyfriendless, and homeless. If know Tracey, you know she is not havin’ it and is abouta fix allat. The last time we saw Chewing Gum, Tracey was showing us the struggles of being a female. This time, Tracey is showing us the phases of a break and it funny af but also actual factual. Whether you’re a male or female you have went through this, did this, or felt like this.


If he/she has moved on, we be hatin’ a little.

​Because first of all, why would you move on?

I am the best and will always be the best.

The replacement will always be trash. They’re ugly and they stink.

Pretending to have moved on.

We know damn well we’re still sad.

Running into old bae is awkward.

THAT SHIT AWKWARD. Depending on you guy’s last conversation,

what do you say? Do you speak? I’m petty, so I’ll act like I don’t see you.

Real life Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder the situation.

Quickly turning into a baddie when accidentally run into old bae.

I am not sure what guys do, but girls must do a makeup check, does the booty look good?

And are my teeth good? Then act like we don’t see you.

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