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There’s a plethora of information out there that gives us information on manifesting our dreams. Whether you want to own your own business, be like Beyonce, or graduate at the top of your class, you can do it. We have the power of turning our dreams into reality. The Secret, talks about the law of attraction and how everything is possible through us. Whatever you want literally is possible. Yes, honey . . . you too can live your best life by transforming your thoughts. The Secret talks about how our energies and thoughts create the life around you. That’s why we push for you guys to think positive because if you think negative, well . . . negative shit will probably happen. Don’t put that in the air.

The Secret provides a Four Step Formula  needed to manifest your dreams.

1. Let Go Of Resistance

You cannot move forward if you’re stuck in a negative state. “The more you give our attention to something, be it negative or positive, the more we attract it into our life. Let go of your past and accept your current life to manifest your dreams.

2. Set A Goal

You have to know where you’re going first. “To manifest your goals, The Law of Attraction must know what you want.” Figure out what you want and write them down.

3. Learn To Attract Deliberately

Now that you know where you are going, you can take action to getting there. You can’t set a goal and just walk away. Fuel your dreams and give it positive attention. To manifest your dreams you have to remember that “you are what you give your attention to.” Feed your goal with positivity by reciting affirmations, creating a goal board, and speaking it into existence.

4. Act “As If”

Some people say “fake it until you make it,” but the Law of Attraction says, “speak, think, and feel as if you are already living your dreams. Attract your dreams by acting on them. The universe feeds off this energy, don’t forget!

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