Coping with a break up

Break ups are many things, but easy is not one of the many things that come to mind. Trying to begin this piece is difficult because the theme around my blog is to keep going no matter what. When a relationship ends, it is sometimes hard to keep going and continuing your daily routine. Every day you talk to this person, you see this person, you may wake up to this person and then it ends. It’s so sudden and it hurts like if a ball would just fall out of the sky and bop you on the head. How do you continue properly without losing your mind? I’m a girl, so the thoughts that would go through my head are more intense and emotional than maybe a guy’s. Should I call him and express myself? Does he miss me? Is he going to call me? Is he going to be with someone else? Nothing is stronger than a woman’s loyalty to a man that she loves and when that relationship is broken, so is the heart. There are many metaphors for a broken heart, but none of them explain the feeling enough. A broken heart hurts. A broken heart internally brings you down. A broken heart could probably fuck Floyd Mayweather up. Some people fall into depression and become a different person because of heartbreak. Getting dumped or eve doing the dumping is shitty (get it), but these things below personally are helped me get through a break up. ft. Cookie from Empire.

Let all of your feelings out.

​I sit in my room and let it out. I scream, cry, or sit and think.

When I am out and about I am in good spirits and I know

I have to pull myself together.

Record your thoughts.

Whenever I feel something I pull out my phone and put it in my notes.

It’s easier and a faster way to get everything off of my chest. I write letters and journal.

This blog alone is helping me, but I also have a personal journal where

I write things I never say to anyone. It’s not that people are bad listeners,

but some of my thoughts may be too deep. I let them out on paper and feel relieve too.

Get dressed up and go out.

The last thing some people want to do is go out, but being around

people and fun will make you feel better. Get fly and flex.

Focus on you.

Rebuild your self worth.

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