Coronavirus and Mental Health: How to Fight Loneliness and Depression During Social Distancing

Updated: Apr 15

Life is like a box of chocolates, and though that may be corny to say right now or ever, Forest Gump was right. Amazing things can happen on Monday just to turn upside down on Tuesday. You could already be struggling, and then a series of unfortunate events happen, and you’re in a deeper hole.

Unfortunately, COVID 19 has the world in a frenzy. The coronavirus has spread and is not only making people sick but causing America to be forced into isolation. People who are suffering are being forced into quarantine, and others are being advised to stay indoors. Supermarkets are overcrowded and empty in products, and there is no toilet paper anywhere because of hysteria and fear.

Dealing with COVID-19 is hard for everyone for financial reasons but also hard for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, or any form of mental illness. Isolation can negatively heighten these feelings. We want to be a liaison to those who are not confident about their city shutting down from the coronavirus.

Here are some tips to push through social distancing:

‪Keep your routine ‬

Whether you workout or meditate in the morning, go for a run or read during a specific time, make sure you keep your routine. This situation is unfortunate, but it is not permanent. Allow yourself to adapt to change.

‪Continue Communication ‬

We may be advised to stay in the house and not be in large crowds, but you can still stay in contact. Call your friends, participate in group chats, and utilize Facetime.

Stay Curious

This is the perfect time to learn new things. Continue to be a student and stay curious about life. Try a new skill or start a new adventurous book.

Ask For Help

If social distancing is rough for you, ask for help. Communicate where you are struggling.

Think Positive

Internal communication is essential to operate positively. Say nice things.

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