Dances That Were Poppin’ Back In The Day

What would we do without music? 

Like, what would we do without these artists who come out with our favorite songs? Has a DJ ever put a song on and the entire party just went bananas? I’m sure you have encountered this situation. March Madness, Back that Ass Up, probably anything Drake, and Bad & Boujee. All of these songs add joy to the party. But what about the songs that had the dances moves with it? No, not the “watch me whip, now watch me nae nae” BS, I’m talking about the back in the day dances. Anytime the whole party gets up to do a dance, it is something serious. Dances like the Cha Cha Slide and the Electric Slide are timeless and will always have a spot at the cookout, but we must pay homage to the dance crazed songs that had us out of breath at the end of the song. People like Lil Jon and Soulja Boy really had us out here gettin’ busy on the dance floor. Let’s look at the dances that had us sweating and hype.


Soulja Boy | Crank That ​ Maaan, when Soulja Boy said, “Now watch me YUUUUUH,” and the whole crowd shifted to do the YUUUUH . . . that was the first time I witnessed music bring people together.

Young B | Chicken Noodle Soup

Remember when Young B was on one-fourteenth and Lexington? When people got real spicy wit it and grabbed their soda on the side. It gave me life.

Webbie & Boosie | Wipe Me Down I PULL UP AT THE CLUB V.I.P. GAS TANK ON E, BUT ALL DRINKS ON ME !!!! This song still have the gangstas following directions. They be in there touching their shoulders, chest, pants, shoes.

​Dem Franchize Boyz |Lean w. it Rock w. it

Child, when they threw the ball in the air and watched it fly and then snapped back into the dance. This dance was on every song and Fabo from D4L used to get real saucy with this dance.

UNK | Walk it Out ​ UNK brought out the walk it out on us. When I say my legs got strong after doing that the entire song. We started walkin it out ANNND leaning wit it and rocking it. People started getting creative. Remember the remix with Andre 3000?

​ Harlem Shake ​ WHAT DIDDY SONG INTRODUCED US TO THIS DANCE? ​Fab’s song Holla Back had the lil girl killin’ it on the sub !!! ​All I know is Bow Wow used to killed this jawn. My friend said this is the dance he should have been worried about. See Bow Wow, you’re worried about the wrong things, bro.

Wu-tang PHILLY KNOWS. Wu-tang had us in some serious ass battles back in the day. This dance went to ANY Baltimore cub music. We also had the D Mac and Gimmie a Wallie. Good times.

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