Dear White People And It’s Accomplished Mission On Speaking For The Black Community

Lately, television shows and movies have been emerging and visually speaking out on the black community and the things that we go through. 

The movie Get Out zoomed in on the psychological effects of being the only black man in a room. Chewing Gum focuses on a black woman in an interracial relationship, while also showing culture appropriation. Dear White People came through from movie to Netflix series, and showed the cons of black people attending a PWI. They neatly cover everything from being a gay male in the black community to reverse racism. Watching this show raised questions like, Is there such a thing as too woke? Or why can’t someone fight for the black community and be involved with someone in the white community? Dear White People tackles colorism, racial insensitivity, and the hype about white people saying nigga.

Colorism is a harsh reality in the black community. Besides the hate from the outside, we push hate within our community. Colorism could be dated back to slavery. When slave women were raped by their owner, they became pregnant and birthed light skinned children. From there and moving forward light skinned African Americans were put on a higher pedestal. The hate from that oppressed time has been forced on the black community and Dear White People shows that Samantha is criticized for being light skinned and woke. To Coco, a dark-skinned woman, she is forcing the woke act to compensate for her light skin. Coco also points out the treatment of women from men based on their skin tone. Light skinned women get chosen to be in a relationship and dark skinned women are second.

Sometimes holidays can bring out the racial insensitivity in people. In PWI’s we see them dress up during holidays like Cinco de Mayo and Halloween. They dress up from head to toe and “celebrate marginalized communities by reinforcing the very stereotypes that oppressed them” (Dear White People, 2017). Black face is a huge form of racial insensitivity or being racist to be honest. Black face dates back to the 1830’s where white actors like Thomas Rice and George Dixon would paint their faces black and make a mockery of black people. Their characters would be dumb and made fun of. Is it not possible to dress up as someone without painting your face? We don’t like it so stop, or getcha ass beat.

Why are white people so obsessed with saying Nigga? The word was used to belittle us. We took the “er” off and use it as a form of endearment in the black community. Hip Hop, just like any genre of music, is universal. All around the world everyone listens to Future, Young Thug, Jay Z, and so on. Nigga is used in songs and Dear White People shows the complication of the use of the word by a white man while rapping. The white guy’s (Gabe) argument is how is it bad if I’m repeating what’s in the song? He stresses that isn’t racist. He was against censoring himself and did not feel like people should be mad because he is repeating a song. Gabe expresses that he would not care if black people repeated white racial slurs and Gabe says he wouldn’t care.Reggie explains that WE DO CARE, so do not say it. Whether the N word is in a title, song or T shirt, if you are not black you should not say or wear it, Yes Julz.


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