Don’t Let Your Past Define You

Google has cool quotes, and as I’m looking for some type of stock photo for this piece I see a quote that says, “Don’t judge me by my past, I don’t live there anymore.” Depending on what you went through in your life, you probably think there is no way in hell you can turn that around. That type of thinking keeps you in that same spot. Negative and stuck. Whenever something against my favor happens my loved one tells me “Everything happens for a reason.” While you are in an inconvenient situation that is the last thing you’re trying to hear. But have you ever gone through something crazy and looked back at the situation and saw how each event was a domino effect to how you are successful today? Things do happen for a reason. Whether it’s a women’s crucial heartbreak, which happened to teach her a lesson on self-love, a young man’s toxic street lifestyle that pushed him to be a voice to the younger generation on crime, or someone who survives cancer and makes it their mission to educate people on the importance of taking care of themselves.


However your story is going, it’s not for no reason at all. Life takes us through journeys, and those journeys can be shitty BUT it’s what you take from that shitty situation. All the choices we make lead to different outcomes. If you continue to get the same outcome, you probably didn’t learn your lesson yet. When you do overcome that shitty journey, don’t let that hold you back from whatever it is you want to do. If people let their past define them we wouldn’t be listening to our favorite artist or watching our favorite actresses on television. Mary J Blige was molested at five years old. That pain followed her throughout her life. That caused her to believe that she was worthless and turned to alcohol, sex, and drugs. Mary J Blige, with the help of P Diddy, turned herself around and is now a legend in the Hip Hop and R&B culture. We wouldn’t have a no holleration hateration if it weren’t for Mary. Kanye West didn’t let a wired jaw stop him from becoming a rap/fashion icon, and (it’s sad to say) Chris Brown did not let the is his situation halt his career


Upon the process of moving forward, make sure you forgive yourself. Let whatever guilt or sorrow you have from the past free because you cannot bring baggage into the future. You cannot become the next Beyonce while you’re out here dwelling in the past.  Once you move on and forgive yourself, life will be less heavy on your shoulders. It happened and so you learn and grow from the situation. Be the person that you are meant to be and prosper. Do not let the past define you. 

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