Fav Director X Videos

Next to Hype Williams, Director X has contributed to Hip Hop with the videos to our favorite songs. 

X started in the 90’s, but continues to create memories from artist’s lyrics. His videos told funny stories and made you excited. Director X is responsible for Rihanna’s video to Work and Drake’s popular video to Hotline Bling. He’s worked with so many people, and I am high key hype typing this because we about see some videos that’ll have you dumb excited.



DMX | What’s My Name

Ice Cube | You Can Do It


Mystical | Shake It Fast S/o to Mystical and his ​”Save the Bear” Vine

Sisquo ft. Foxy Brown | Thong Song Remix never knew this existed.


112 | Peaches & Cream  . . . do people drive in limousines?


Nelly | Hot In Here

Sean de Paul | Gimmie the Light


Usher ft. Ludacris | Yeah


Yin Yang Twins | Whisper Song


Trey Songz | Wonder Woman

Usher & R Kelly | Same Girl

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