For Those Who Missed Cam’s IG Live

On Friday, Jim Jones did an interview with Funk Flex talking about how he met Cam’ron,

the start of the Diplomats, and signing to Roc Nation. The interview was emotional as he teared up talking

about his love for the Diplomats. During the interview, Jim Jones expressed how heartbroken he was by

Cam’ron as a friend. He claimed Cam’ron stole money from him, he befriended an enemy, and he never

surprised him at one of his shows. The Hot 97 Interview basically made Cam’ron look like a horrible friend.

​Cam’ron was not here for the tears and lies, and on Friday afternoon announced his appearance on IG Live. “Crying don’t mean the truth,” Cam’ron told everyone. Friday at 9pm, Cam’ron sure was on IG Live ready. He had the attention of over 52K viewers for 2 hours. The IG Live restarted 3 times, that’s how crazy it was. These are my notes from Cam’ron’s IG Live that answered some questions from Jim Jones interview.


  1. Jim Jones nickname was Jomo

  2. Mase taught Jim Jones how to rap. Because he was around rappers, Mase thought he should learn.

  3. Cam DID NOT live with Jim, he chilled with Jim frequently.

  4. They did not get close until after Cam’ron’s college career. (Cam got kicked out)

  5. People doubted Jim Jones rap career and Cam vouched for him, heavy. Funk Flex downplayed his doubt in Jim, and Cam expressed how no one believed in Jim, but Cam

  6. “Jim was never my muscle.” He was his hype man tho.

  7. “WHO YOU SHOT?” Cam to Jim. Cam said “Jim never had no guns, B. I had the guns.”

  8. Never had the same lawyer. He DID NOT do paperwork with Jim because that was his friend, and they did not need that.

  9. Years ago, Jim wanted to start a fake beef to cause an uproar. Making the fans choose sides. (Jim seemed disappointed)


  11. Jim and Chrissy are dating, weeks later he’s buying her bags and expensive things. Cam made “Tricky Ricky” Shirts. He called Jim a trick and had people wearing the shirts. This started the beef.

  12. Jim is NOT tough: Mendeecees called Cam from jail during IG Live and explained some things

  13. Mendeecees and Jim had beef over Yandy and Chrissy. Mendeecees sent Jim running twice. Once on his motorcycle and once in the mall, when the beef was supposed to be over.

  14. Jim was crying under a car and begging for it to end

  15. Ash has a video of Jim crying on a couch.

  16. Cam feels that people were coming at Jim’s deal with Roc Nation, so he used the Funk Flex interview to talk negative.

  17. Cam feels that in your 40’s you should do fun and cool stuff, like chandelier shopping.

  18. Cam loves Jim.

basically, what I got from this is that it’s Chrissy’s  fault that they’re no longer friends.

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