Handling Arguments With Bae

​You know, lately the people around me have been having issues with their bae, but that’s nothing new. And whether you are a female or male, you go through issues with your boo. Arguments and misunderstandings are annoying, but believe it or not, they are healthy. These different views that you have, during the argument, you’re sharing them. Maybe loudly, but you are communicating. Couples who are no longer communicating are probably not doing so well. Have you guys ever heard people say, “You should worry when I stop complaining?” Well, that is something you should be worried about. They could be confiding in someone else or maybe cheating . . . that’s probably too far tho. Arguments are not that bad if you know how to handle them. Look at these Do’s and Don’ts during an argument with bae.


DO This.


​Communicate Your Anger

​Whatever you are upset about, communicate that. Letting it go can make it worse and at some point, it will be a waste of time bringing it up later. Don’t attack bae when your communicating your anger tho. Just let him or her know that your feelings were hurt. Maybe start your sentences off like: “You make me feel like (this) when you ( blah blah blah). You’re expressing how YOU feel without attacking them.


Communicating is important, but the communication means nothing if you do not understand where your partner is coming from. Why is he or she mad? Do you understand that ,or you’re just watching them talk? When you put yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can understand more where they are coming from.


Sometimes we do not understand why your partner is so upset because

it’s not that deep TO YOU. Apologies, sometimes, are not about if you were particularly wrong,

it’s about being the bigger person (sometimes). You made your boo mad. Just apologize for upsetting him

or her and keep it moving and try to move on from there.

Some things are not worth the trouble.

​Give Space

People deal with anger differently. Some people argue right there on the spot, and some people need time. If your boo thang needs time, leave him or her alone until they are ready to talk.


Please don’t.


Jump to Conclusions

It’s almost like liking someone can put you under a spell. You automatically think the worst about everything. During an argument, relax then communicate.

​Say Things Out of Spite

Arguments cause anger and when people are angry they say things just have one up.

You go ahead and do that and be single if you want to.


​Lie and Say You’re not Angry

​When I say I’m not mad, I say it to refrain from communication. I found out that makes the other person upset. If you do not want to talk, just  say you’d rather talk another time.

​Bring Up Old Stuff

We do this to win the argument, and sometimes it works. I will definitely bring up something from 1987 if it is relevant to our argument today. When you’re doing it, it’s fine, but when it’s being done to you it is very annoying. Let it go, or go.


Just tell him or her you do not want to talk at the moment. Ignoring can cause people to jump to conclusions. When people jump to conclusions they get crazy. Don’t let people get crazy on you.

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