Her Mantra

Chants and expressions that remind women that everything is temporary

Visions take form based on reality. This Is her story through the changes of each direction. The light of the great beyond responding towards actions. Finding the security between what lays between the earth’s corpse, to what keeps us grounded. It is what kept her here for so long. Standing between the two sides beyond the night skies, to greet the day with pure intentions. Never to give in the satisfaction of how others will remember you. Their intent was to last in a season but never a lifetime. Continuing your growth fully, learning to let go of what was never meant for you, but as a long-lasting lesson within a section of the forgetting. Forgive their ways, not their purpose of the despise coated with a blackened stance. Keep one’s energy at bay for the sake of her. She is needed, for not beyond your worth, but the significance of hers.

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