How To be Happy – 5 Suggestions To Becoming Happier

Everyone gets to a point where he or she find themselves looking for ways to be happy.

One thing that is important to know is happiness is an emotion. Duh, but it is impossible for someone to be permanently happy every minute, hour, and second of every day. Just like any other emotion, your happiness can go up and down. What we all wish to achieve is being content. Satisfactory is a fantastic feeling. Satisfactory is when one day you may not be having the most magnificent Monday, but overall you are content with your life.

We all go through issues in life, and yes some people’s lives are a tad bit easier than others. We all have responsibilities and have sacrificed something for something else. Sometimes a bill has to be late to take care of something that is more important. Some people choose to starve so they can feed their family, but in the midst of making choices and sacrifices always make it your mission to focus on you. There is no way you can move towards being content with you or your life if you do not focus on you.

Audit Yourself

This is the time to sit and think about what makes you happy and what makes you upset. The things that make you happy is what you need to do or be around more. Incorporate the things that put you in a positive move into your routine. For the things that impact you negatively, you should consider dropping them or it like a hot cake. Think about your triggers and what YOU need from you because your happiness starts with you.

Fade Away From People Who Make You Unhappy

Some people are negative, and that’s not what you need to be around. You don’t have to necessarily drop them, maybe explain to them how you want to move forward and how what they do and say affects you. The word toxic is annoying, but for bad relationships, if you can, leave them where they are and where they have you fucked up.

Let Go Of Everything That Upsets You

Going back to auditing yourself, make sure you make space for more positive things.

Take A Social Media Break

Seeing negative information can put you in a lousy mood on social media. I suggest unfollowing people who make you feel insecure or put you in a funky mood. Clearing your mind from so much information for at least a week can make a difference.

Focus On Your Purpose

Whatever you’re trying to do, focus on that. Are you trying to write a book? Focus on that. Are you starting a business? Plan for that. Focus on those hobbies that bring you relief.

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