Jade Diamonds Breaks Free From Doubt In New Project ‘Ice Breaker’

Updated: Apr 15

Elijah Powell’s journey started with the cover art for this specific project.  “I bought a sticker pack from the artist and as a courtesy, she sent me the sketch included with the pack. It was sent to me near the end of 2017, and I was so inspired by the character’s face that built an entire story around the character,” Elijah explains. His cover art became more than a roll item, he named her Jade Diamonds and it became personal. Jade says the character represented everything that he was not. While he was shy and fearful, this character is the total opposite. He gives credit to his success to Jade. “This is a large part of why I’ve made the strides I’ve made in 2018. Whenever something seemed dangerous, I went through with it. Whenever an opportunity seemed too expensive to access, I buckled down and spent the money. And if a piece of music seemed too personal or embarrassing, I recorded it, and eventually released it.

“The confidence is essentially Jade talking through me. I’m a very timid, shy, and generally antisocial person, and usually the only time I have passion in my voice is when I speak on politics, but when it comes to promoting and asserting the self, I would never- until this year.” Though this New Jersey resider gives all the credit of his growth to Jade, it is him and his confidence you hear on ‘Ice Breaker.” Listen Below:

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