Jasmine Michelle Uses Photography to Uplift Her Community

Updated: Apr 15

Listening to people talk about their passion and how they began their journey to doing what they love is always heartwarming. Jasmine Michelle has several desires. She is a community activist, a special education teacher, and a youth mentor. On top of all that, she is a photographer. Everything she does ties back into photography and capturing the reality of her community. It is difficult for someone like Jasmine to explain what she does because she is more than those four titles. With each job, with the activism, teaching, and mentoring, she is shaping her community with love behind her lense. Jasmine is from West Philadelphia, and she makes sure she takes care of her hood.

“Photography has allowed me to touch my hood but build a larger media platform that allows

me to tell other urban communities truth authentically.” Taking pictures of her neighborhood allows Jasmine to tell her story of her community, and it’s also just a reminder of home. Her camera has taken her from West Philadelphia, Odunde Festival, and snapping photos of our favorite artists like Migos, 21 Savage, Big Krit, and more. To learn more about Jasmine, follow her IG here.

Watch the interview with Jasmine below.

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