Jordan Peele and the Get Out Greatness.

So, Get Out was a great movie and a great way to end Black History Month. It showed everyone how crazy racism is, though we didn’t need a movie to see how annoying whypipo can be. I will not reveal any spoilers, because that’s rude, so I’ll try to circle around some shit. Jordan Peele has shocked us all while simultaneously making us all proud with Get Out. He showed oppression and disregard towards the black community in a millennial matter. He showed how we go through some bullshit, BUT black people win in the end. We joke around about certain things with racism and this movie will have you like:

  Jordan has literally showed what black people go through in certain situations like being the only black person. When I tell yall that’s a mood . . . Those awkward “I would have voted for Obama again if I could” conversations, the awkward smile/stares and the weird “how do you feel about being African American” conversations. Oh, and the bringing up black people accomplishments shit to make us feel like you fuck with us. CHILD. Jordan Peele got right with us with this Thriller/Comedy-ish movie. If you saw this movie, you’ll agree with the points below, if you did not see the movie . . . you’ll agree with the points below.

There is a such thing as a black person being black but not seeming black. . .to other black people. Whatever image they have of blacks, when you do not live up to that standard, they get shook and confused. 

White people wanna be us SO BAD. They wanna be good at sports, they wanna be good at seasoning, they wanna be swaggy like us. SHIT, they had an auction for Chris because they admired him so much. BUT, instead of complimenting us and thanking us for our culture, they just steal and treat us rudely. Or you in this case, kidnap us and take our shit.

​If you get attacked by an animal on your way to your white friend’s house, you should definitely just leave. GET OUT Black people, pay attention to the signs, please. Animals sense danger before humans. If a deer just throws itself across your car, if a crow just starts attacking you, or if a dog dies out of nowhere, leave.

​If you go to your white friend’s house and they have black servants, ​GET OUT! You go and eat dinner and there’s a brotha coming in and serving you your unseasoned chicken. That is not safe. Not the chicken or their home.

​Asian, Chinese, or the whomever don not fuck with us. That’s crazy tho because we support them. Like damn, do not act like we don’t support yall stores. Four wing, Shrim-fri ri-?

BLACK PEOPLE ALWAYS COME OUT ON TOP! ALWAYS. We go through shit all the time, but we prosper.

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