Jordan Plain grabs artist Taylor to recreate Seven Deadly Sins at his second art show ‘And At Nite'

Updated: Apr 15

Being an artist means continuously challenging yourself and pushing yourself to do the next ‘thing.’ All artists do not just make music or paint pictures, some artists see things differently and can capture what the normal eye would not notice. Some artists can digitally create art that caters to all five of your senses, and some artists can bring words together on paper where it almost replaces the need for a visual. And then there is Jordan Plain.


Jordan has not allowed himself to be locked inside of a box. From poetry to photography and digital art, Jordan has proved that he is invincible. What’s cool about Jordan’s art is that he collects all of his skills from poetry, photography, and digital design and places them into one home. The exciting part is, not even the tip of the iceberg of Jordan’s work. In July, Jordan announced a collaboration with another artist from Philadelphia, Blair Smith, where they showcased their art together. This “art party experience” took off from being one collaboration to Jordan announcing a residency on top of Copacabana on South Street.

Philadelphia creator, Jordan Plain created And At Nite for Philadelphia creatives to collaborate and get inspired. His second art show was a collab with Philadelphia artist, Taylor. Jordan shared that he enjoys Taylors work because “it’s normalizing of sex.” Usually, sex is a taboo, but Taylor’s work makes you feel comfortable and confident. This collaboration is incredible because it plays off the Seven Deadly Sins and Jordan’s signature style.

Watch the interview below to see my favorite piece and to learn more about why collaborating with other artists are essential to Jordan.

Shai Buttaa interviews Jordan Plain

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