Jus Uniquely Sharing Observations: The Album

Our love for hip hop is unexplainable. We love the ratchet music videos and the rappers holding Hennessy bottles. We love when we hear hear that an artist got signed and now they’ll be able to get more exposure. Mainstream is cool, but we also stan our independent artists, whether they have millions of fans, or hundreds, whether they sell out venues, or clubs. There is more to your music than a 360 deal or getting a ROC chain. Artists like Master P, Chance The Rapper, Gucci Mane, and Nipsey Hussle prove that. Hard work and consistency sound cliche, but those two words are the way to do it and Jus O is on the same path.

Just like any  dedicated creator who is sensitive about their work, the Never Felt Better rapper went back and forth with himself about giving up. But just like any creator who is in love with their art, Jus O did not give up. He dropped freestyles covering Amerie’s 1 Thing, and Desiigner’s Panda. He snowballed off those and dropped his EP Never Felt Better. After tweet teasers, visuals, and Instagram videos, we have the birth of Jus Uniquely Sharing Observations.

Jus O’s growth is almost tear-jerking. We’ve witnessed him struggle and rap through the pain from the death of his father, relationships, recognition, and school. The way he evenly tells his stories and creates a picture in his fan’s mind is nothing new, but what is new is him. “I’m in a whole different mode this time around; a marvelous one creatively.” He explains that The Never Felt Better (EP) was an emotional therapeutic process. “With Jus Uniquely Sharing Observations I’m telling a different side of the story from another lens. Listening to this one I feel like I was reborn as a different animal when it comes to lyrical ability and content while being able to keep it fresh for the listeners.”

This album is special because not only has his music matured, he’s different. “I’m no longer scared of being great. I used to subconsciously doubt myself. I found myself comparing my growth to the growth of other’s which lead to depression. Again. I had been there before. But now, I can confidently say that I’m good. I’m over my fears. I’m ready to show the world and most importantly myself, what I’m truly made of. I always knew I had a gift since about 18. I’m just now peeling the wrapping paper off 7 years later.”

Jus O has euro-stepped out of his shell and made his fears disappear like Thanos. Though it took some time, unlike other artists, this man knows his sound. “I’m relaxed. I’m simple. I don’t need trap drums to tell you all I know about illegal substances. Nor do I need a singer on an emotional song,” O says. “The samples allow me keep the listeners guessing. That’s what makes me smooth. I welcome that.” The Philadelphia based rapper has now graduated from the pain of the past to zeroing in on his future. With inspiration from the independence of Nipsey Hussle and an overall influence from J. Cole, O has given his fans 8 songs where, they are able to see from his music, the feeling of his cockiness and his feeling of deversance.

Though we can’t release all the gems from O’s musical treasure, he did share that he’s been hiding his song from the album, Summer Breeze, for 8 years!  “I finally found the production that would spark the lyrics and go around the hook to explain a relationship’s course through the year. I wanted to be able to focus on the feelings shown through the 4 seasons.”

With telling us his respect is due in Honorable Mention, to giving us some Daniel Caeser in Thankful, he teases his fans with the release of his album with his single Heavenly Made. As we await the release of Just Uniquely Sharing Observations, this single will hold us over.

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