Jus Uniquely Sharing Observations with Omar   

Omar means eloquent speaker, and that’s what he is, a great story teller. After losing his father at a young age, he expressed his emotions through poems. From there, unlike most of our friends, his friends peer pressured him into writing rhymes: thus Jus O was born. From writing poems, being peer pressured to writing rhymes, and scrapping up $10 worth of quarters to record his first song in North Philly, O’s progression is inspiring.

“I live through EVERY WORD,” O explains and that his music is for the hopeless. These are not just songs to help you turn up, but to make you feel something. We all go through things, and O explains that he himself battles with depression. “My music is a coping mechanism.” Jus O created Never Felt Better in honor of the uplifting of his listeners. He says that “You’ll never feel better until you make the decision to.” O’s circle is centered around positivity from his friends pressuring the right peer pressure to his brother Basim and Uncle Curtis taking care of him after the loss of his father.

Purity is the first word that comes to mind when I listen to O. He isn’t saturated with loud beats and repetitive hooks, he’s great on the ears and spirit. O is humble, but did not hesitate to let me know that he writes his own shit. “No shade but seriously. It’s crazy that I even have to say that but it’s so necessary now I feel like.” Besides not needing help to tell his story, he is making his music while also being himself. “But I like to think that what separates me from everyone else is that I’m not afraid of being me and I’m not following any trend or bending my style to appease anyone.” Though O is a great artist with raw talent, the hardest part of his art is getting people to listen to his music and being his hardest critic. There is a solution for every problem, and O has a solution for one of his problems at least. To push through from his hardest critic, himself, he keeps working. “[I] stay busy though. Stay in the studio with real people who actually care about the music from a fan aspect and who can actually form opinions that I’ll listen to.” His future music making alliances are Easy and Dave East. Aside from these two, O shares his Top 5 songs, including his favorite songs he made:

J. Cole – Too Deep for the Intro Jay Z – Public Service Announcement J. Cole – 03′ Adolescence Drake – Keep the Family Close

O’s advice for artists like himself is to “stay off the internet and create. . .  Stop worrying about the Internet and touch the real life people who ain’t on the Internet.” Right now O has time to create amazing music and simultaneously do interviews, but soon he’ll be too poppin’. His future music plans consist of 10 number albums! “maybe not 10. Maybe 12 but hey who’s counting. But nah really my goal is to be the best that ever did it. That’s the honest truth.” Listen to Omar here :

https://soundcloud.com/juso-3/ Twitter: @callmeomar  IG: realjus__o

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