Mantras for Peace

Guys, life can be pretty shitty sometimes. Some people have shitty days, some can have a shitty week, and some people have a shitty year. We all go through life taking in the ups and battling the downs. Coping mechanisms are all around us. You can combat those shitty days by exercising, journaling, or meditating. Whoever you are reading this and whatever you are going through, know that it will eventually be OK. You feel and go through it to get through it.

Below are a few mantras to give you a push. Chant these through hard times and push through because we don’t believe in giving up here.

I welcome positivity in my life.

I forgive those who have caused me pain.

I release my fears and in the process,

I let go of my depression

I am ready to use my talents to create

positive changes within my life.

I am thee shit.

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