Meek Mill Is Man Of The Year

Updated: Apr 15

The freedom fighter from Philly did not allow adversity to bring him down. Already 6’2, he stood tall ten toes down and spoke nothing but solidity about the harsh treatment from police officers and prison reform. “Cops don’t protect our neighborhood,” Meek Mill told CNN. Just like most children growing up in environments full of malice, he had no choice but to become a chameleon in the harsh streets of Philadelphia and protect himself.

Unfortunately, some people view Meek Mill as just a criminal and do not understand the underlying issue of what Meek Mill is speaking about when he speaks on social issues. No, he is not a politician, but his experience and place in the hip-hop gives him the voice and credibility to be able to speak about issues like prison reform. From the age of 18, Meek Mill has been playing tug of war with the law. When he as 18 years old, he was put on probation for illegally possessing a firearm and assaulting a cop. From there it seems like the court system just enjoyed Meek’s company.

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