Monday’s Are About To Get A Little Better With Us.

Some of us dread Monday’s because well, the weekend is over.

How did we make it where the day of a new week sucks. Some people just need an extra day. We spend our weekends doing whatever we want and that’s only 2 days, maybe not even that for people who work on weekends. Some people just don’t want to go to work. According to the Daily News, 70% of workers do not like their jobs, and that’s why some people have the Monday Blues. We do not know your situation here, so we are not going to tell you to  QUIT YOUR JOB IF YOU HATE IT, but we are going to give you some helpful tips to make your Mondays a little better. If black coffee does not work for you then these thins below will.

Wear Something New.

A fresh outfit will change your mood. I hated high school,

but when I got a new pair of sneakers or even a jacket,

I WAS IN THAT BITCH! It boosts your confidence and that will boost your mood.

Try a new tie or button up. If you don’t have a uniform for work,

wear something with some color to make you happier.

Prepare for Monday.

Just get ready for Monday to make things easier. Make your lunch, pick out

your clothes, set your alarm. It will be one last thing you have to

do in the morning adding to your Morning Blues.

Use your Sunday’s to unplug and get ready. You can have your new outfit on

and your refreshed mind and it’s litty on Monday.

 Be the Happy One

I do not know how people allow it to be any type of weird air.

Don’t let everyone be so mad and blah. Happiness is contagious.

You can probably lighten things up if you become

the light at work or wherever you are.

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