Moonlight & It’s Importance to Accepting Your True Identity.

Now, Moonlight was a versatile movie. It touched on a couple of things that more than a lot of people can relate to. Drugs, sexual identity, parenting, isolation. The story circled around Chiron, who had a lot going on. His mother is on drugs and could low key give two shits about him. He doesn’t have a father in his life and he’s going through this weird antisocial phase at school. He’s getting bullied and he’s just pursuing through life. So the theme I touched on for Moonlight is : A story showing the phases of life and how people deal with it and their identity. This movie also shows the struggle of gay men dealing with identity issues. Also, water is an interesting symbol in this movie.


Phase One: Little ​finding yourself

Throughout the 111 minutes of the movie, there’s 3 phases: Little, Chiron, and Black. Throughout the movie he’s literally finding himself like we’re all doing. Moonlight shows what isolation looks like even when you’re around several people. He’s struggling with identity issues, not understanding if he’s gay. He’s getting bullied in school and running from the mean children, His mother is barely there and, he barely has a friend. Like most young boys without a father, he attaches himself to someone else. In Little’s case it’s the neighborhood drug dealer, Juan. He plays as a father figure for Little. He loves, cares, and accepts Little. Little expressed his confusion of whether he liked boys or not, asking Juan if he himself is a faggot. Juan tells him “You can be gay, but don’t let nobody call you no faggot.” Those words are a hug to all the black men struggling with their sexual preferences. It’s okay for you to be gay, but don’t let anyone disrespect you. Moreover, it’s okay for you to be different, but don’t let anyone disrespect you. During this chapter, Juan teaches Little how to swim and tells him he’s in the middle of the world. Water becomes a perfect symbol in the movie.

Phase two: CHIRON still finding self, struggling with identity

Phase two we go from Little to Chiron. During this time he is in his teenage years, which we all remember. THE FUCKING MOST ANNOYING PHASE EVER. We’re older now and life seems so stressful. We’re still trying to  find ourselves and all of this crazy teenage crazy stuff. High school tests our strength and Chiron is going through all of that. He is still struggling with his identity, but he’s fighting back the bullies instead of running. He’s growing. He’s explored his sexual identity with a close friend, Kevin, on the beach NEAR THE WATER. At this point it all seems right. He’s near the water . . . he’s in the middle of the world, he’s where he feels like he should be, with a man. But y’all know, the devil never wants you to win so in the mist of him fighting the bullies back, Kevin betrays him AND he gets locked up. This phase represents the turn around in our lives. Some nut ass crazy shit ever happened to you, and you’re like : and that’s why I’m here now ? That’s Chiron’s moment.

Phase Three: Black Continuing to Find Yourself, Acceptance

Phase Three may be where we are now. We grow up and we subconsciously take things, morals, actions from what we’ve learned from family, friends, and mentors. Think about it, as children we loved people for who they were. We probably encountered gays, trans, and gay people. Hell, some people’s parents aren’t on the list to get calls to be a cover girl, but my point is we didn’t care. Children don’t care. The important people in our live teach us : having the perfect body is a must, being gay is wrong, fat people are disgusting, and some religions are blasphemy. Now, Chiron is Black. He transformed himself and but not officially found himself through the first two phases. Little with the mix of Juan, his father figure + Chiron with the fight and sexual identity = Black. Black takes on the role of his father figure, becoming a part of the trap. He ignores his sexual identity and honestly isn’t living true to himself BUT he’s pushing through.

Isn’t it crazy when you feel like you figured shit out and some BS happens, like the past popping up ? Black gets a call from Kevin and kind of reverts back to phases. Kevin is not living true to himself either, having a child and being with a woman. Towards the end of the movie, he’s getting held by Kevin and has a serene vibe. Like he’s on the middle of the world. The end shows Little in front of the water. Life takes you everywhere, but you will end up where you’re supposed to be. The water in this movie represents the important phases of his life. He bonded with his father there, he acted on his first guy there, and comes back to be with that guy there. The water can be a symbol of circulation/motion or being. We see this circulation or phases in Chiron’s life. We all go through phases in our lives, some worse than others. To those struggling with self identity : Stay true to you Be happy, Be gay, Be straight, Be bold, Be you.

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