My Time At Jeezy’s TD3 Tour.

The Trap or Die 3 Tour from Jeezy was probably the most chill and lit concert I have ever been too. First off, all the aunties and uncles were out for Jeezy and atmosphere was mad chill. Everyone was high, so . . .  The most important part of the show that it only started 45 minutes late. Lil Durk opened the show for Philadelphia and his set was the most perfect amount of tolerable. He started at 8:45 and was done around 9:30pm. Durk was the only opener, so Jeezy came out quicker. ​Now, I am not a Lil Durk fan, but he had the crowd at attention. I was really rockin’ wit him until the DJ said “Who in here came for Lil Durk!” Me and some other people in the crowd was like :

He knew damn well we came to see The Snowman. Cut it all the way out. Other than that, the hype man was turnt okay ? Like E-40 Tell Me To Go Turnt. Some bull from Toronto was next to Lil Durk with these long ass braids just TURNT thee entire time. I started feeling it and he topped it off with the : “If you have more than 20$ in your pocket make some noise!” I had 21$ in my back pocket, so I’m feeling rich and I was like:

By 10 pm Jeezy came out and it got lit super fast. First off, I was at the concert by myself but I made friends with this lady in her 40s who knew every word to every song! We were in that bitch playing live Karaoke. Jeezy played over 30 songs, including hits from his mixtapes. He came out to Letum Know from Trap or Die 3. At this point I’m abouta cry and shit because I get emotional with my favorite rappers and he performed Standing Ovation from TM101 and I was like :


By exactly 10:23 Jeezy had everyone hype 9 songs in. He paused and told us that was just a warm up. At that point I took off my bomber jacket and put my lil purse down, because I was ready to get crunk. He then performed hits like Way Too Gone and Lose My Mind from TM103 and he did his verse to Shawty Lo’s Dey Know. RIP to that man. Because it was the anniversary of Biggies death, he played a snippet for us to rock out to and then he stops and turns into Pastor Jeezy and says :

“If you think it you can me do it. Don’t let a mf tell you can’t do it.

Putcha head up and stick ya chest out!”

He reverts back into The Snowman and it’s litty again. He performs song like

Luv It, Go Getta and And Then What. Jeezy had the whole Filmore like BOOM BOOM CLAP,

and he ended with his verse to Boyz In Da Hood.

That was probably the first verse I ever heard from him. 

Jeezy was gone off the Avion. The nigga was on stage just dancing and enjoying

his music.TD3 Tour was poppin’ just like all of his performances and shows.

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