Our Fav Hype Williams Projects

Music videos are not appreciated today as much as they were back in the day.

Music videos make you either like a song MORE or you like a song because of the video. Visuals Matter. There was a time when I could watch the beginning videos and it was always directed by Hype Williams. For over 20 years Hype Williams has played a huge part in the music world. He’s been “For the culture” way before it became a trend. He is the man responsible for the most popular intro for Belly. He had many shooting styles, but one that probably sticks out more is how he used his lens. Hype got crazy with the fish eye lens and made everything more animated. Starting before some of us were born, Hype has provided exciting visuals for our favorite songs. Hype is still serving the music world, but from the 99’s to the 2000’s he’s responsible for videos to these vintage sounds.



California Love x Tupac, Dr. Dre, & Roger Troutman

If I Ruled the World x Nas ft. Lauryn Hill


Missy Elliot x Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) ​The lens action here is lit.

Usher x Nice and Slow Hype had Usher with the patch over his eye, looking like a melanin pirate.


Busta Rhymes x Gimme Some More Busta and Missy always got the fish eye lens.


TLC x No Scrubs future vibes. similar to his video to Busta & Janet Jackson’s video to What’s It Gonna Be.

Ja Rule x Holla Holla

Missy Elliot ft. Nas, Lil Mo & Eve x Hot Boyz

Q Tip x Vivrant Thing Close To Ja Rule’s Holla Holla


Jay Z ft. UGK x Big Pimpin’

Ja Rule ft. Lil Mo & Vita He showed a true ghetto love story 

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