Our Fav. Trap Music Artists

There are so many genres in music from country music to folk music. R&B is so versatile where you can get a sad love song from Keyshia Cole or some lit party poppin’ vocals on a track from Rihanna. You can mash Hip Hop and R&B together and get greatness like You’re All I Need from Method Man and Mary J. Blige. One genre that came through in the 90’s and hasn’t let us down since is trap music. Originating from the south, the term stemmed from ATL. Trap introduces the lifestyles of the artists over kick drums, synthesizers, and other instruments. Trap music is a rapper’s R&B and they spill their heart out about hardships, poverty, and their lifestyle in general (Master P). Later on in the 2000s is when drug dealing was added to the bill of trap music (T.I). Through this genre, we’ve been introduced to artists like UGK and Goodie Mob. Check out our fav’s below. .

Young Jeezy, Jeezy, Snowman I became a fan after And Then What.

TM101 pulled me in & his mixtapes solidified my support.

Intro King and told us to Trap or Die.

Gucci Mane, GuWop First song I heard was Photoshop. His supporters are Beyonce level annoying

The world held him down while he was in jail and

whenever you say Burr, it’s hard not to to think of him.

TI, TIP Great career run from Rubberband Man to Whatever You Like.

STARTED TRAP MUSIC. Diddy co-signed him early in his career.

He shifted his Grand Hustle to Family Hustle, appeared in movies,

and has show major support for BLM. . . all while saying words like flabbergasted.

Yo Gotti 5 Star Chick was that shit. Gotti has been on his independent grind.

Still didn’t get Angela Simmons tho. His Cocaine Muzik Series gets better.

Future For almost 10 years Future has been active in music, but I wasn’t FutureHive until Monster.

After Monster there was a domino effect of music.

From hooks to mixtapes, you can’t go anywhere without hearing him.

Creator of our new national anthem: March Madness.

Migos Quavo started the group in 2009 and  by 2013 we had Versace.

Their former mixtapes like No Labell l & ll and YRN were litty.

Today Migos represent the culture while

simultaneously cookin’ up dope inna crock pot.

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