Rebuilding Your Self Worth.

We all have those moments where we don’t feel good. Not sick – not good, but we aren’t feeling ourselves. Low self esteem has those sneak attacks where everything is fine, and BOOM. But our job is to let you know, you are a poppin’ ass mothfucka . . . let me remind you. If you went through a break-up, someone said something that made you feel insecure, or you’re just not having a good day, read this. 

1. Get Active.

Overthinking sucks, and will cause you to become lazy. Sitting in the house, eating snack, and gluing yourself your bed is boring. Take the energy from overthinking and put it into your health. Whenever I am upset, I do cardio, it manipulates my mind from sadness to perseverance. Go for a walk, or hit the gym. A more fun way to get active would be pole dancing classes and belly dancing, which also help build your sexy up, and work it.

2. Impress Yourself.

We worry too much about how we look for other people. Wearing those heels or that little black dress may attract him, sure, but how do you feel in that attire? If you feel good and confident, that will shine brighter than those uncomfortable heels, and skirt that keeps rising up. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and sexy. Jeans and a white tee shirt makes me happier than anything. If you’re a jeans and tee shirt girl, wear that, and see how relieved you feel. At this point your happier, confident, and it shows.

3. Show That Talent.

Everyone has a hobby that they like to do. Can  you draw, paint, sing or dance? Maybe you can do all three. Don’t read this and say “I don’t have a talent,” because you do, fam. it does not have to be the cliché sketcher, maybe you are good at interior design or maybe your organization skills are off the wall. Writing is how is my talent, I write and blog as my hobby to make myself happy. Know that you are amazing, talented, and lit

4. Insert Yourself In a Positive Bubble.

Why waste your time being around someone who is negative, when you have so many positive people around you? Friends and family will be the first to remind you of how great you are. That energy is what you need to help rebuild your self-worth. We get lost sometimes, and we may need help, and that is okay, that’s what they are there for. So gather your people, grab a bottle, and prepare for positive quality time.

5. Treat Yourself.

Maybe you’re a fancy one, and just want to get massages at the spa. Somewhere in there shopping has to be involved: Retail Therapy. Remember, this about you, you are amazing, talented, and fun. Maybe you don’t see it yet, but your self-worth will reemerge and you will better.

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