​Walking into Que’s house, one of the first things you literally see is a wall full of movies. “There two things that I really care about, music and movies.” For those of you who do not know Que, he is very much into TV Production. Graduating from Point Part University in Pittsburgh with a degree in broadcasting, Que was into script writing. He shared that  Pittsburgh did a good job with “submerging him in creativity.” With one cool accomplishment checked off the list of writing his first script, he had what he calls an epiphany. “I did research on how people made it, and I realized I would have to move to LA or happen to meet someone to get my scripts noticed.”

​​​Being a realistic guy, he decided to put that dream on pause and move forward. Him moving forward was productive, but the turnout was not as planned. He started a blog and got that shit shut right down due to copyright infringement. That may have pushed him back a little, but on January 18th, 2016 Que had another epiphany. He restarted his website creating RightOnQueLive and decided to start a podcast. “I was listening to podcasts and I was thinking that I can do that,” and so birthed RightOnQueLive Podcast.

recap of rightonquelive

​Only 3 months old, Que’s progress with his podcast has been amazing. Connecting his needs with others, he realized how narcissistic people are and decided inviting people on his show to promote themselves would work, and so it did. Besides his epiphany, Que shared that snapchat inspired him to start the podcast. By talking and giving daily stories on Snapchat, Que said “Fuck It,” and got started. With the content of his podcast and website matched with his love for music and movies, Que can be strongly compared to a young Sway. He adds fun hashtags and cool flowing conversation to his show, making it natural and fun to listen to.The people that he looks up to are men in media like Taxstone and Charlamagne, as well as Diddy. But who doesn’t look up to Diddy?

Que will not stop at his podcast, sharing his vision he lets us in on the plan. Using the podcast as a platform, Que wants to better himself and his community. Not giving too much away about a possible clothing line, Que is taking one step at a time. As far as his community, he believes in giving back. “New nets on a basketball court don’t do anything, and neither does recreation centers.” Que wants to open a center of arts for children. Allowing people to express themselves through whatever talent they have, Que wants to give them the resources to do so.

Though Que is still learning from his own progress, his advice was clear. “Be real with yourself and others so real can circulate.” Smooth, right? More advice on progress? “Vision → Direction → Execution → Consistency.” As we all know, consistency is key. Check out Que here: Twitter: @RightOnQueLive Website: RightOnQueLive  Podcast: RightOnQueLive ​​

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