Soul Sister Saturdays’ with Kierra

Reading this title makes you think of togetherness, India Arie, and Yoga. Well, all the assumptions are true when it came to this event. This past Sunday on April 16, 2017, @Philosoki curated an event strictly for women togetherness. She announced that the “main purpose is to bring women together.” This event was geared towards each chakra for the healing of women. With the help of @SincerelyJsmn@NebulusFlair@YogiYinny, and others, the event followed through with its purpose and created positive air for all the ladies in attendance. Several women from different walks of life gathered together to focus on healing. Social workers, graduates, college students, photographers and vloggers were all under one roof for that positive energy. Participator and vegan blogger, @aKaylainprogress explained how she was there for the “good energy and positive community.”


SSS began with breakfast and branding information from SincerelyJsm. This catered to our foundation and security. The root affects our survival issues like food and money, which we were introduced to first. After a healthy breakfast cooked with organic coconut milk and oil, our minds were engraved with the wise words from Jas. She touched on branding and the importance of networking outside of your network. She stressed the strength of women, and called us superwomen on our work ethics. “Put it all on my plate, I got it.”

Sacral: Focusing on our connection and ability to accept change, feel creative, and feel sexual.

Kierra dropped gems on how we service our vaginas better. She talked about the yoni egg and the positive effects from using it. You become more in tune with your sensuality, you become much more orgasmic, and you improve your health. Kierra also explained that foods help women out in that department as well. Cranberry juice, yogurt, garlic, and soy are all beneficial to the health of our vaginas.

Solar Plexus: Self-worth. Self-confidence. Self-esteem

Body painter, @NebulusFlair did a great with helping us with Solar Plexus. This chakra affects self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. During this painting session, we painted a sun and a woman meditating I front of the sun. Nebulus then had us handpick affirmations out of a bag that related to our self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. She explained to us of how important it is to always feed ourselves positive words. The solar plexus is in the upper abdomen and positive words help to keep that area positive.

Heart: Joy, Love, and Inner-peace

Affecting joy, love, and inner peace, we were blessed with a smooth yoga session by Yinny. The session was the icing on the cake for the event and released positive vibrations.

Throat: Communication, Truth, and Self-Expression

This chakra is all about communication and focusing on truth and self-expression of feelings. Kierra crushed any negative thoughts we had about ourselves by making us write things we did not like, balling them up and throwing them away. These are things we should do daily. Trash all the negative thoughts about ourselves and prosper.

Crown: Spiritual connection

This is the highest chakra and allows us to be connected spiritually to the highest level. This is inner and outer beauty. For this session, we were blessed with the presence of a woman named Martinique Gary. Martinique showed inner and outer beauty by sharing her life story. From growing up in an environment full of violence, molestation, and abuse, Martinique has over come and survived. Her hurt and pain did not translate well to her first born and it caused daughter to have PTSD, Depression, and two near death experiences. Her message was not to bring down her listeners with her story, but to show us that we can overcome ANYTHING. “Keep it pushing and never let anything bring you down.” She explained that when our minds are messed up so is our spirit. Her story was touching and full of encouragement.

Essential Oils

Krishamyi topped the entire event off by showing us that essential oils are more important than we imagined. Her and her husband introduced to several oils and their uses.

All the activities that we participated in were healing and helped cleanse our spirits. Soul Sister Saturday went through with its mission to heal and bring women together. Try to practice these things on your own to keep your energy flowing. This could be from eating correctly to practicing yoga, or reciting affirmations. Take care of you, ladies.

For more information on Kierra’s Soul Sister Saturdays, follow @Philosoki

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