Stuff We Learned From Jenifer Lewis Breakfast Club Interview

Jenifer Lewis has been in the entertainment  business for decades.

The “alpha female” visited The Breakfast Club shedding light on the art of not giving up. Jenifer Lewis has been traveling to promote her book named The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir, but explained from the jump that it’s more than a book. While giving her thoughts on athletes kneeling, Donald Trump, and mental illness, she gives us some genuine advice that we thought was litty bop. Though we’ve been saying a lot of these things for the past like 2 years, we know yall listen to celebrities, so here:

Don’t Quit

“Not even me can stop me. I gave up many times in my life, but I didn’t quit.”

We Have To Feel Our Feelings

Jenifer Lewis explains that we need to stop and feel. We need to feel our feelings then move. If not we will carry the chaos with us. Then we don’t get anything done.

Self Love Is The Root Of It All

Self-love makes confidence and confidence is key.

You’re In Control

When you want something, you’re not gonna mess yourself up or put yourself into any situation where it messes your future up.

Love Yourself

Love yourself so love will not be a stranger when it comes.”

Athletes Should Be Kneeling

Jenifer Lewis feels that all players should be kneeling. “We pay your rent” she says as she adds that they are gladiators and should honor what’s going on.

We Need Unity

Charlamagne asked on Jenifer Lewis advice on how to fight back because we tried just about everything. She suggests that before we go and party, we should come together as a group at the table and figure out what to do.”Yall had a black president. Act like it.”

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