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Every time summer time  rolls around ​people have to get their summer body. First of all, you’re supposed to work on your summer body before the summer actually comes, but you know . . . whatever floats your boat baby, I aint trippin’. I’m not Billy Blanks or Shawn T, but my lifestyle is a little more healthier than most. This is not a post to tell you what to do to get a flat stomach ( we can go there tho), or a post to help you get a big butt, because I can really learn you something with that as well. Yes, summer comes and you want to look good in your bikini and crops tops. If you’re a guy reading this, maybe you wanna look sexy shirtless, idk. That’s great, but don’t just want to do it for the summer, make a year round thing. This read is to help you create healthier habits that can lead to weight loss and body confidence. ft. Nicki Minaj


​Healthier Eating.

I don’t wanna give you the meal prep speech. Or the eat more vegetables speech.

I will tell you to stop eating fast food and cut off sugary drinks.

Stop drinking that crusty ass Pepsi. and stop eating nasty ass fast food. ​McDonalds is trash and Checkers will give a heart attack. Cooking at home promotes healthier eating, and you also save money. I eat smaller portions and that works well for me, ​BUT also, don’t continue to eat after you’re super stuffed.


​Get Active.

Going to the gym works, but you don’t have to go to the gym for exercise.

Zumba classes are lit, twerk and pole classes are amazing,

and just walking around works too.

Guys, yall better go ball or something. Also, having sex burns a lot of calories. Get it poppin’.


​Water and Fruit.

Yall tired of hearing people telling yall to drink more water and stuff, but it is the key.

Im sure DJ Khaled said some shit like that.

You’re not hungry, drink a bottle of water and that feeling will go away.

I also eat a piece of fruit before I eat. This allows me to not go overly

ham on my food and ​it’s good for your digestive system.



Get some sleep, like more than 2 hours. ​You’ll wake up on some happy day shit. Lack of sleep impacts your hunger.​

__________________________________ I mean, you can make drastic changes for a better lifestyle, but try to make these things a habit.

Eat less bread and yes, eat more vegetables. SweetGreen is POPPIN’ and Wawa h

as some juicy ass mixed fruit. Don’t starve yourself but do better, boo.

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