T.I.’s Album Paper Trail and Its’ 10th Anniversary

Though his music career was doing well in 2008, T.I. was also facing a one-year jail sentence in 2008. I’m sure everyone remembers the day T.I. was supposed to be at the BET awards but he was arrested for attempting to purchase guns from a federal agent.

2008 was a crazy year for T.I. The pros were the music. The summer of 2008 was when T.I. dropped Whatever You Like, which was a slightly different sound for the King of The South. Those who have been around since Trap Muzik were used to a grittier and aggressive T.I. Paper Trail showed us a different side. Continuing with the stamina of his music in September, T.I. collaborated with Rhianna for Live Your Life and Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and MIA for Swagga Like Us. Swagga Like Us was more special than all his other singles because of the crazy features and at the time, everyone was at the top of their game that year. It was all heavy hitters on one song. “What the fuck you boys talkin’ bout? I know it’s us cus we the only thing to talk about.” Unfortunately, the song did not have a video, but they performed at the Grammy’s.

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