These 3 Things May Be Causing Stress

Being stressed is never fun. Everything seems to tick you off, you never have enough time for your priorities, and you’re full of anger. Though you should not be stressed frequently, stress happens. Stress management is essential to create balance in your life. If you ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day or you cannot seem to get things done, you may be creating the stress and clutter yourself.

Here are 3 Time Management Skills That Cause Stress

You’re Not Organized

Going with the flow is not always a good idea. Some things in our lives must have some order. The external chaos can cause internal chaos. When we say plan ahead, we do not necessarily mean create a five-year plan (even though that’s not a terrible idea). We mean make to-do lists. Plan the little things ahead of time that will make your day easier. Creating weekly and daily to-do lists help you stay on track and keeps you in control. Not only does this create a sense of organization, but it also makes you feel more in control. When you feel in control, you are most likely going to stress less.

You’re Not Allowing Yourself Self-care

People who are people pleasers have a hard time creating boundaries. Not being able to set boundaries means it is hard to use the word “No.” It can become overwhelming having to take care of everyone else but yourself. Self-care allows you to tend to you and make yourself happy. Whether you like being alone or around friends, do something that you enjoy to decrease stress.

You’re Not Unplugging from the Digital World Everywhere we turn around, we are looking at a screen. At work, we have to use a computer or a tablet. Some people use their phones for work too. During downtime, we open up our phones and open up Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Depending on the account that you follow on social media, they could make you feel like you’re not doing enough, making enough money, cute enough, or just not living correctly. Unfollow pages that decrease self-esteem and unplug from the digital world. We’ve come to experience that when we unplug and take care of ourselves, we stress less.

However you manage your time, make sure you do what works best for you first. Stress is inevitable, but it is also manageable.

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