Things My Mother Taught Me Young That I Still Use

There are life lessons that our parents teach us that we never forget. Some are as general as having manners, smiling, and having good hygiene. Some lessons are more specific and follow family values or religious values. No matter what you lessons you learned growing up; I am pretty sure some of those lessons if not all of them still stick to this day. My mother was very anal about hygiene and making myself look presentable no matter what situation I encountered. My mother had rules and lessons for everything, but below are five things my mother has taught that I will pass down to my children.

“Wear Clean and Decent Draws Just In Case You End Up In The Hospital”

If my mom did not teach me this, I’m sure I would still take it upon myself to wear clean underwear, but this is still something that I live by day to day. I throw underwear away after about six months, buy new underwear frequently, and I always make sure everything is cute and clean. This lesson does not only apply to women of course.

Buy Under Clothes Whenever You Buy New Clothes

When my mom used to buy me clothes, before going to check out, she would pick up new sicks, undershirts, and underwear. As I started shopping for my clothes, she told me to make sure I buy new underclothes for my outfits. Everything should be brand new inside and out. This lesson may not be as crucial to yall as much as it is to me, but it feels good.

Use Two Wash Cloths

As I entered into my womanhood, my mom enforced the use of two wash clothes: one for my face and one for punani. Now, I hope this lesson was implemented on all women as well. There is no way you should be washing your face with the washcloth you are cleaning your body.

True Colors

I’m an only child, so opening up to make new friends was always fine with me. My mom did not like how friendly I was. I would say “my friend this and my friend that” and my mom would tell me to stop calling everyone my friend. Everyone knows or should know that everyone is not your friend. Of course, this lesson became more evident as I got older. Being on good terms with people is fine, but people you’re cool with are not always your friend.

Never Chase Anyone

“The women in our family do not chase anyone.” By anyone, she meant romantic relationship or friendship. People will come and go in your life, and it is not in your power to stop them. If people treat you as if they don’t appreciate the relationship, take that as a sign and let it go. I found myself making excuses for romantic relationships and friendships, but this lesson has resurfaced.

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