This Is How You Can Get Motivated In Real Life

The urge to get things done sometimes seems like a struggle. It’s not that you do not want to, it’s just a massive feeling of “nah, tomorrow.” Tomorrow becomes the next day, and then you’ll say you’ll start it on Monday. It’s almost like you need the motivation to get motivated. Have you ever experienced that burst of motivation where you jump up and demolish the things you need to do? That feeling slides through like Usain Bolt once a month. All you need to do is figure out how you can have that burst of motivation daily. Self-motivation is a beautiful thing when that switch is turned on. You’re confident, you’re happy, and you’re working towards your end goal. So how do keep the motivation going?

Katherine Hurst is an author who wrote the book The Secret Law of Attraction: Master the Power of Intention. In her book, she provides tasks to help her readers experience a positive change, boost their energy, and do things like stay motivated.

Hurts provides three reasons why people do not stay motivated. Those reasons are lack of self-confidence, lack of focus, and lack of direction. If you have struggled with motivation are currently struggling now you may relate to one, two, or all three. I agree with Hurst on the three reasons why people lack motivation, but I believe, from experience, that the number one reason one can lack motivation is primarily the lack of direction.

Lack of Direction Disrupts Motivation

Lack of direction means whatever your plan is, you do not have a clear path on how you will actually get there. Without having an idea or plan on how to execute your plan, the will to do anything will not be as high as you would like. How can you get excited or motivated about where you do not have a clear path? People do things like create daily and weekly to-do lists, create 5-year plans, and create PR plans to stay on top of the main goal. Each of those things provides a checklist or path of what you have to do next to complete your day, prepare for your future, or execute a brand.

How To Get Motivated

To get motivated on whatever you need to do, whether that is making a deadline, finishing a project, or putting your life back in order, clear and SMALL measurable goals help you get on the right path. People that say, “take it day by day” were serious. Don’t overwhelm yourself because that will cause you to burn out and you will have lack of motivation FR FR. Do something every day that pulls you closer to your goal.

  1. Create a plan: List the things you need to do and under that list the steps you need to do to accomplish the primary goal.

  2. Take your time: Do something every day that will push you closer to your main goal. Sometimes you may not be able to achieve something. There is always the next day.

  3. Begin with the end in mind: Remember why you’re doing this and continue to take the necessary steps towards your goals.

  4. Stay confident: You have to have your own back from the jump. Know that you can and you will

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