Tips for Staying on Track of Your Goals During Quarantine

5 Essential Behaviors that are Sure to Keep You On the Path to Success

If you’re like me, you’re one of the 22 million Americans that filed for unemployment due to the Coronavirus. If you have a creative hobby or side business that you’re hoping to monetize then we already have two things in common. Fortunately for us, with quarantine has come the luxury of time like we never imagined before. However, to whom much is given much is tested and in the midst of staying home and trying to figure out what’s next, it is important that we maximize this free time. If you’re serious about staying productive and coming out of quarantine better than you went in, read below for critical and easy-to-implement tips that can help you capitalize off this opportunity.

1. Be Intentional

Upon opening your eyes in the morning it is crucial that you immediately seize the opportunity of a new day. Skip scrolling and try reflective writing. Write down your intentions for the day and commit to accomplishing them come hell or high water. By remembering that Rome wasn’t built in a day and thus, locking in on your dream long term—you’ll be able to crush distractions and useless interactions. Set reasonable objectives of the things you’d like to accomplish in the next week, two weeks, one month, three months, six months, and so on and watch your plan unfold before your very eyes.

2. Routine Within Reason

Quarantine has blurred the lines between our old routine-heavy lives and our new unexpectedly autonomous lives. While it’s easy to binge Netflix and nap all day, a somewhat laissez-faire daily routine will help you manage your time better, hold yourself accountable, and improve your organization skills. It’s not about how slow you go, just don’t give up. Quitters have never tasted the winner’s cake. The best way to implement routine into your schedule without feeling constricted is to a lot a few hours each day for an intention that you wish to fulfill. Take meals, workouts, meditation, tv, naps, and whatever other tasks that you engage in every day into consideration when forming a routine.

3. Embrace Rest

While less sleep and more work are being encouraged in society today, science backs the power of rest. Escape the feeling that you have to be a machine, rest rejuvenates us and gives us the energy we need to go even harder when we arise. So, if you feel yourself needing that 2 or 3 o’clock nap, take it. Just remember to have a plan of action for when you wake up from your slumber. Lastly, it’s still important to get a good night’s rest to avoid grogginess and too-long naps killing your next workday.

4. Spend, Save, and Invest Wisely

We spend two things, time and money. They are both some of the most valuable resources on this planet and truly need to be treated as such. Don’t waste time just wasting time and don’t give your entire stimulus check to food delivery apps and Amazon. Now is the time to spend only on necessities, save money, and to invest wisely. Water the seeds you’d like to see blossom within the next three years by taking online classes, filing your business paperwork, making a product, and marketing. Work on your own source of income by maximizing upon a time to do so and investing time and money rather than spending it. Invest wisely.

5. Grow What You Know

About to hop in the shower? Standing in the kitchen waiting for the morning Joe to brew? Don’t remain idle. Begin enriching mundane tasks like showering, cooking, cleaning, or working out, by playing podcasts or audiobooks that align with your goals to keep you focused. We live in an era where all the information you need to monetize any business is on the internet for free. Soak up all of the free information that’s out there and apply it to your life and business. Remain focused and listen in on the information that can equip you with the skills to help you grow. Learn more about your industry, competition, business costs, paperwork taxation laws, financial literacy, and marketing.

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