Tips To Get Through Depression

Have you ever had a time where nothing interested you and you were just sad? Life can pull you into a dark place sometimes and you become depressed. Some people handle trials and tribulations differently. Some people cover it up by not talking about it and pretending they don’t care. Others party their pain away and chase their issues with a shot. Some people are lucky enough to calm down and find their peace. Before I used writing as an outlet to release my anger or sadness, I handled my depression in the worst way. I used to get sad, lay in the dark for days at a time, and sleep. I didn’t eat nor did I want to talk to anyone. Having time to yourself during an upsetting time is fine, but when you began to do things that effect you in a negative way, it’s time to gather yourself. Tough times do not last, but tough people do. If you are feeling down, whether it’s about your relationship, financial issues, or maybe you’re just not feeling it, doing these things below helped me step away from that dark side. ​

Go Outside

Listen to Litty Music

staying in the house will only make you more sad, get some fresh air and think. Sunny days will make you smile and smiling is good.

Don’t listen to sad music. Listen to some shit that will make you dance. Dancing makes everyone happy.


Work On Your Craft

When you get upset, the last thing you are thinking of is food. Please put something in your stomach. Go out to eat and be in a social setting.

You have a talent or hobby, so focus on that. I’m a writer, so I usually do that when I’m upset about something. Use your talent to make you feel better.

Talk To Your Friends

If you have the right friends, they’ll make you do all the things

above and make you feel better at the same time.

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