Orange is The New Black (OITNB) is probably one of the best shows on Netflix. Since July 2013, every June, people have been waiting for every new season. OITNB has had 12 Primetime Emmy Awards for the first season, 4 awards for the second season, and 6 Golden Globe Awards nominations. For those who don’t know what OITNB is, it centers Piper Chapman in jail. She got sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield Penitentiary for transporting drug money for her drug dealer girlfriend. OITNB also follows different women in the prison as well as scenarios that go on in prison like guard brutality, drug smuggling, and racism.


The show is a comedy and drama. Though there are some serious moments, the characters make everything POPPIN’. Each character is important in the show and when you follow the show, you can see people in your actual life in these characters. Everyone has at least one of these people in their lives.

Ruper Religious  Person

There is nothing wrong with the Lord, but it’s always that one person who feels

like they must bring the higher power into EVERYTHING.


Drama Queen

Male or female, this person is just so extra, like Piper.

Why do you have to turn this lil bump into a mountain?


Negative Ned

This person STAYS mad.

I mean, Red is in prison, so she has an excuse.


Optimistic Person

When you are down, you can count on this person to make everything positive.

Nobody wants to hear that BS sometimes tho, but the optimistic person is appreciated.



Listen, the fighter stays ready. ON GO, GREEN LIGHT



​Everyone has a MUA in their circle. This could be the friend or the girlfriend. I even know a couple make MUAs. These face artists are always late because they have to put on their face.


smart ass

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